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    Steel Series
    SteelSeries Ikari Laser


    LCD DISPLAY: Adjust CPI on-the-fly with increments of 1, completely independent of software.
    COUNTS PER INCH: SteelSeries XY2 laser engine ensures cursor speed adjustments with increments of 1.
    DRIVERLESS: Store settings and macros on the mouse, especially convenient for LAN gamers.
    UNIQUE SHAPE: 15 months extensive research of hand grip, ergonomics, motion, shape and play styles.
    MACROS: Programmable macros to increase actions per minute, vital to MMO and RTS gamers.
    LARGE GLIDE SURFACE: Extremely large mouse feet reducing friction between mouse and surface.
    QUALITY: Gold-plated USB connector and braided cord, for maximum response and quality.
    TOGGLE ON-THE-FLY: High/low LED indicator for on-the-fly sensitivity control and adjustment. 



    Weight & Size Size and weight

    • Weight: 98 grams (0.22 lbs)
    • Height: 38,7 mm (1.5 in)
    • Width: 68,3 mm (2.7 in)
    • Length: 125,5 (4.9 in)

    SteelSeries Ikari Laser Measurements



    Path correction SteelSeries FreeMove

    SteelSeries FreeMove gives the user the option to remove interpolation of the mouse. This means that conventional mouse settings “helps” you move in a straight line, but this so-called “help”, makes you lose accuracy. By enabling FreeMove your mouse will move on the screen exactly as you move it on the surface.

    Path correction off

    Path correction eliminated.

    Path correction on

    Path correction set to max.


    Technology SteelSeries ExactSens

    SteelSeries ExactSens provides you with settings for precise sensitivity. On traditional mouse sensitivity 1.7 means that you multiply your physical movement on the surface with 1.7 on the screen. This makes cursor movement less predictable and inaccurate. ExactSens provides you with sensitivity control allowing you to change settings from 1-3200 CPI in increments of 1.

    Laser Sensor XY2 Laser

    The advanced XY2 laser engine inside the Ikari laser makes this a suitable mouse for FPS gaming at the highest level. This laser is faster and more precise. It can reach 40,000 SPS (Samples Per Second), which is about five times faster than conventional laser technology.

    LCD-menu LCD display

    The LCD display on the Ikari Laser allows gamers to quickly and easliy adjust their settings. This is a winning feature especially if you attend LAN parties or use your mouse on different software and hardware platforms.

    SteelSeries Ikari Laser LCD Menu



    CPI Toggle Toggle On-the-fly

    With “Toggle On-the-fly” we introduce an option for gamers to have 2 different sensitivity settings and switch between them with only 1 button click below the scroll wheel on the mouse. This allows you to switch your sensitivity settings quickly, whehter it’s for different weapon types in FPS games or in player vs. player action for MMORPG games.


    Button Buttons

    • CPI high / low switch

    • Scroll wheel & middle click

    • Right click

    • Left click

    • Left side button 1

    • Left side button 2

    SteelSeries Ikari Laser Buttons



    Glide Large glide surface for maximum comfort

    Ergonomics, grip, and motion styles have been researched and tested extensively to achieve maximum comfort in mouse movement. To help support this, the Ikari laser features large glide surfaces for minimum friction between the mouse and surface. This provides less stress on your joints and muscles for use over long periods of time.

    We recommend to change glides regularly as they eventually get worn down. See our made to fit SteelSeries Glide Ikari.

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