Steel Series
    SteelSeries Zboard Keyset: Aion™

    SteelSeries Zboard Keyset: Aion™

    UNIQUE ADAPTION - Ability to adapt for any game through Mod files and removable keysets.
    ANTI-GHOSTING - Anti-ghosting capability allows for 7 simultaneous keystrokes.
    POWERFUL SOFTWARE - Full keyboard customization through SteelSeries Z Engine software.       
    DRAG-AND-DROP - Macro creation via drag-and-drop functionality. 
    LABELED KEYS - Color-coded labelled keys and one-touch macros for frequent commands.     
    INCREASED APM - Strategic placement of labelled keys and macros, increases actions per minute.
    PRE-DEFINED PROFILES - Software includes pre-defined software for 150 games.  
    ADDITIONALLY INCLUDED - Equipped with two USB 1.1 ports as well as a standard keyset for everyday use.

    This limited edition SteelSeries Zboard Keyset for Aion™ features the full breadth of in-game commands on color-coded keys across the board and a dedicated game panel designed to help improve the Aion™ gaming experience. With a series of quick-access emote keys, interacting with friends and foes on the battlefield is made simpler and more intuitive than ever. Intuitively grouped action keys on the game panel, including group leader specific commands, allows the character to battle and quest with ease, decreasing reaction time and increasing Actions Per Minute (APM) significantly – everything is designed to help the player dominate his enemies swiftly.

    The “anti-ghosting” feature allows for 7 simultaneous keystrokes opposed to the industry standard of 2-4 simultaneous key presses found on other keyboards, and the entire keyset can be fully customized through the use of the powerful SteelSeries Z Engine software, which enables macros to be dragged and dropped onto specific keys.